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Our Story

Goree Island In Senegal West Africa
Founder/Lead Creative-Mina Dia-Stevens
Taunte Janabah

Royal Fulani Living™ (RFL) is an African and American lifestyle and fashion brand. We create beautiful Senegalese-inspired prints; and combine them with luxury living room and dining room decors; and apparel. We even have specialty products for your pets and so much more. We most recently launched an educational passion-project called Royal Fulani Living Sew School. We have created a series of FREE simplified, sewing tutorials for the neurodiverse, newbie and non-sewer. 

RFL was established out of our family’s adoration for our birthplace, Senegal (West Africa); and our life in modern American culture. We cherish our long, illustrious history and our intergenerational relationship with West African textiles. Every exquisite product is designed by Senegalese; made in America and the United Kingdom.

RFL has taken basic everyday products and creatively combined them with the distinct beauty of African prints; which are traditionally used to produce exquisite cultural African apparel.

We have transformed that tradition into modern everyday trends. We are so excited to add our beautiful accents of Africa to all aspects of your life!

We’ve researched and created our own original textile designs; and had them printed on new and innovative fabrications, so that we can offer unique products for YOU, your home, your family, and even your PETS!

Every product is in gorgeous colors, prints, and textures that represent our Senegal.

The history of West African textiles involves centuries of design, production, and ownership by European and Asian companies. The origin of those designs is purely of African inspiration, and are solely derived from African cultures. 

Royal Fulani Living LLC is proud to be an African-American company that has complete copyright of all of our print designs featured and sold on our website. We also have complete control over the source of the production of all Royal Fulani Living LLC textiles and products.

Our creative team encompasses decades of experience in several areas of design and West African artistry.

We love what we do, and we love that we get to do it for YOU!

Let RFL bring the beauty of West Africa into EVERY area of your home and to your family.

Royal Fulani Living is….Home, Love, Family, Afrique. 

Bienvenue Beloved!

Shein X Royal Fualni

Pictured: Goree Island - Senegal
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